My name is Alesica Smith I am a certified Reiki healer,  non-denominational universal life minister and also a former early childhood education teacher. I have completed one poetry book as well as contributed to works for others. I have been led on to a journey of healing and self discovery through my own illnesses and now feel it is time to give back. I want to share the love of healing to those that cross my path.

It is my hope that you will be enlightened with the breath of life as I to have been I hope that I can offer to you the light of love in ways that you can find joy and peace within your life. I am offering healing to those who share an interest in feeling lighter starting with a donation of $20.00 per person. Reiki healing is also available for Pets and animals too as they too are a part of us and bring joy to our lives.

Reiki comes from Japan, it is a non-invasive method of healing. Reiki is a way to relieve the stresses of life and promote to your health and well-being. Reiki flows through us by ” The laying of the hands” causing us to feel the “Life force energy” within our bodies giving us healing effects where needed.


*It is with understanding that you have read and acknowledged the information provided here:  Reiki is a technique that is used to reduce stress and increase relaxation and aid in the benefit of ones overall health. In no way is Reiki a cure or diagnosis for conditions or disease. You the client understands that Reiki does not replace any medical treatment that you may have been receiving or  any licensed physician. Reiki can be used in conjunction to any medical treatment or psychological treatment that you may be receiving. You also acknowledge that Reiki does not guarantee relaxation instantaneously. You understand that depending on the nature of your status more sessions may be required to obtain the desired results needed.  You, the client also understand that there is an non-refundable donation to secure your session.  All information will be kept within confidentiality between client and practitioner unless otherwise noted.