Reiki by donation


Let me help you clear away some of those emotional barriers that seem to be weighing you down. Let’s reconnect you with your inner-being that you have been searching for. Reiki can help you find the peace, relaxation and release that you need. Contact me set up for weekly or monthly appointment or simply start  off with the $10.00 Reiki donation. Reiki by donation is a easy and affordable way to get your life back on track! Email me for further details and instructions. Reiki by donation also available for pets starting $15.00. All Reiki will be done via distance Reiki.

Love and Peace to all ❤















2 thoughts on “Reiki by donation

  1. Review :

    Hello My Name Is Leenae and I would just like to say THIS HEALING WORKS!!!! I had always had a bad knee since I was a child & the pain just never seemed to go away. No matter what I did it was always there at some point or another. It would come, and go, come and go. When one day I heard of “Reiki Healing” and I was introduced to Ms. Alesica Smith she was very patient with me, kind, listened to my stories about my knee and how it all began and she kindly did Reiki for my knee and I can honestly say I haven’t had ANY knee pain since. I would GREATLY recommend her services to anyone I know.


    1. Hi Leenae,
      Thank you very much for your kind words! I appreciate that 🙂 and I am glad that you haven’t
      had anymore problems with your knee! If you ever need me again please feel free to contact
      me and we can set up something asap!

      Love and Light to you ❤


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