What’s in a fur baby’s name?


When you are choosing a name for your fur baby how do you decide? I believe that it’s more than just a fun thing to do it’s more about their personality. It may even be about the nature in which they came into your life that gives your pet his or her name. That sometimes seems to work out just fine as you may find it being a perfect fit. Their name has to suit them so, a lot of times they will choose their own names. Just ask! Have you ever tried it? Go through a couple of Hanna Montana, Jolly Molly’s and soon Fido will come running to you!! Ha, Ha just kidding. Really though, make a list of names you think are suitable and call your fur baby by them and see if he or she responds. Whatever you decide your pet will get used to and become familiar with his or her name with repetition and positive experience.

All three of my kitties have M names and that was not done on purpose it just turned out that way. Marie is the one who is the boss of the house and think everything is her way or no way. She has a person’s personality and a name of a person. I did not name her she came to me with her name. Then there is my Mercury (Merc-a-doodles) she was found under the hood of my car when she was just a tiny little thing. So, she was named after my car and it fits her perfectly as I also relate her to all that is magickal. She has many nicknames and knows them all! Last of them all is Michi her name is of Japanese origin it means “path” or “pathway”. Her name is so beautiful and unique because not only did my son name her but, her name can also be divided with its meaning. “Mi” beautiful  and “Chi” Wise/Wisdom.  So, in this you can see how all three names have different backgrounds and suiting each one of them differently. If you are a new fur baby parent congratulations and happy name hunting!! Enjoy your new addition!!

Reiki for you pet can help them adjust to a new home environment. To help your baby get settled and to lessen worries and stress I can assist with that for as little a small donation of $15.00. per pet/ per session. Monthly and Weekly sessions also available all Reiki is done by distance reiki. No need to leave the comforts of home with your pet or unwanted visits! Email me for details! Bluemoonwillow73@gmail.com


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