Love thyself…With all thy heart



You deserve to be happy and enjoy life as you were intended there is no reason why you should ever feel like no one loves you and you are walking your path souly alone. All to often we feel deserted and you are invisible to the people or person sitting right there with you in the room. COMPASSION AND LOVE are free. You silently ask for UNDERSTANDING but no one does. Even if they don’t sometimes all it takes is a LISTENING EAR that could give us some type of peace or sense of footing that it’s going to BE OKAY.  LOVE is so hard to give because of TRUST. But, I strongly believe that when you let someone know that they are an important part of this EARTH not just because they are of the earth but because it is theirs to be a part of. When you begin to see the beauty in all things you will see the beauty and love in yourself. You will see life involve itself within you and you have no choice but to become involved with it. You will then blossom and EVOLVE into a whole new being than you were before. LOVE YOURSELF!! YOU ARE LOVE!! YOU ARE LOVED!! See yourself in everything and all that is beautiful! Breath the Breathe of life!! Love and Blessings ❤ ❤








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