What to expect after Reiki treatment


After your session it is recommended to just enjoy yourself into the depths of relaxation. Give yourself time to adjust and fully awaken from being in such a relaxed state. You may want to rest up some as you might be shedding away some of the yuckies. You have to remember you are shedding unwanted and negative energies so please, please hydrate your body!  Since you are getting rid of all of this toxic material from your body the things that no longer serve you in any way at all whatsoever. Please know that you may or may not find yourself feeling emotional because your body is shifting back into balance. That is why it is important to hydrate yourself to replenish yourself and to help move this process along. The things that you will want to watch for in  case you experience them are as follows: Bowel changes* Fatigue* Emotional changes* Headaches* Flu like symptoms *

Rest assured that all of these things are completely normal and it does not mean that anything has gone wrong. There is no way that Reiki energy healing can go wrong and it is completely absolutely safe. These are the things that happens so that your body can experience the wonderful light and love that it is supposed to. You are releasing the things that have been holding you hostage in your life whatever that may be. I am always available via email bluemoonwillow73@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Blessings ❤



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