Search for the good

The Breath of Life is an Advocate for your Soul~ A.S.

Today, is Saturday and I’m going to be honest I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to write about today. It finally hit me that I should say something about all the hidden things that people miss in their lives that are so wonderful.  It is all to often that people pay so much attention to the bad things in their lives that they miss the GOOD.  Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike you to see the good things that are happening in your life to acknowledge what is there. You have HUGE things that often seem like small little fragments of life when it is the very essence of it. When your life feels like it is crumbling around you remember you are breathing and that you belong here. Search for the good in the smallest things because those will be the things that matter.

Have you ever thought about how much you focus on the bad stuff? Why do you do that? Isn’t that just crazy? Seems like you can’t focus on anything but, about  what went wrong instead of what went right. Why?…Why?! Well…stop.  Switch gears. A minute.  Find some solitude. Sometimes we have to let go of things that serve us no purpose. What will be. Will and with time we heal and we search for all the good things that matter. Stop looking at all the bad details in every situation in your life. Those are only a portion of what has happened in your life and they don’t make you as a person. You always have the ability to grow and start over and as with everything… learn from your experience.

The things that have made me strong some people may call disabilities, handicaps or other. These are the very things that have given me the power to understand what still so many don’t. So, whatever it is that you are going through today big or small. Know that you are breathing the breath of life and that it is the advocate for your soul.  The breath of life holds the key to living and LOVE. My wish for you today is the happiness that you deserve if you are out there struggling a hard fight and no one in the world has took the time to see you. I do.

Blessing and LOVE ❤






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