Black Tourmaline – Grounding, Balancing, Protecting

In The Autumn Of My Life


Ooh I do love my black tourmaline! The one in the photo above is from Australia, in my opinion one of the best places on Earth to get Black Tourmaline from for quality and energy.

This stone is perfect to use for grounding and protecting yourself. If you are feeling washed out and spacey then a cuddle with black tourmaline will bring you back to your balance and tune your chakras.

It can be used for protection against anything negative such as other people’s negativity towards you, electromagnetic negative energy or for working with the spirit world.

I surround myself with a spinning pyramid of white light and put this stone between my feet when doing any sort of energy work or meditation to help keep me rooted to the ground and protected so I can ‘do ma thing’ in confidence.

It can also help support you physically, find out…

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