Shine your light!


Where ever you are, where ever you are going take your light with you. When you know that you are radiance and beautiful you have no choice but to shine.  The thing is… when you carry it with you others notice. There are people in this world whose lights have dimmed. So, for those of us who wake up in the morning knowing that it’s going to be alright, share.  When you share such a beautiful thing don’t you think it would be contagious, infectious, and alive! There needs to be an abundance of love and happiness and it’s not unrealistic to want that for yourself. It’s not unrealistic to want it for someone else too. Happy times make the best memories while Love and laughter makes you giggle and think about endless possibilities. Life and living has its challenges and struggles no one should ever, ever have to face them alone.

You see…Love is quite simple but, people make it complicated. I think when you are happy and you are shining everyone else will begin to shine too. Little gestures can do so much in someone’s day. It can be as simple as holding the door open for someone while they enter a store or restaurant. I have this thing with helping at the register in the clothing store. I’m standing there why not take the items off of the hangers and fold them?  The tag is showing and their ready to ring up.  Oh, the smiles and thank you’s I get. Love it!! Hey, that’s just one of my things call me crazy if you want. You never really know how a person is feeling or what they are going through.

Shine your beautiful bright lights you deserve to feel  happy, wholesome and loved everyday!!  If you’re feeling dimmed down then Reiki and meditation are good ways to find your calm!  As always you can also receive the light of love from someone else!

Love and Blessings ❤



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