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There are moments in our lives where we feel life has been frozen. We feel stuck at a stand still. This is a time to understand that you are still growing.

The petals of the flower still blooming. You may be on pause but, not without the chance to see where you have been and where you are going.

The people you meet even in a small time frame are showers given. Just like the flower that grows once showered with the love of water. So shall you.

The places you’ve been and the experiences you’ve experienced good or bad can extend. Not reaching back but, forward sharing or releasing, and yes, unknowingly doing so growing.


Single tarot quick note

I think sometimes we need just a quick note from tarot. Helps put a small thought, reminder or answer in our heads.

Just because we are going through a change while finding, and understanding our path it doesn’t mean we can’t share our experience.

You never know who you’re inspiring along the way. The smallest of things seems to illuminate the way. Guiding a pathway for all you come across.

Shine your light, shine it so bright that perhaps even I can see you.

💙 Blue

Three Card Reading: Mastering Self

Three card reading for today!! I just love when the cards flow with what you’ve been talking about. I’ve been posting about grounding, balancing yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. Hope this reading speaks to you! ~BlueMoon Willow 💙 🃏💙🃏💙

Trust yourself and trust the wisdom given to you through your inner voice. You have increased awareness as you are going through enlightenment. Connect with yourself deeply so, that you will know and understand the chaos that you’ve been feeling will be behind you. When you accept and acknowledge the voice, the divine that resides within you the answers you seek will be supplied. Do not be afraid of this journey of awakening and enlightenment for it is tailored just for you. Growth and connection to your inner master is an advancement of oneself.

Once you have increased your awareness of your internal master you will gain an inner strength. You will feel yourself reach full-circle and realize that as a master of self YOU hold the power. Recognize tat there is fire that burns within you. It is the fuel that the soul needs so that you can understand your capabilities. You have been equipped with the tools to create changes in your life. In doing so inspiration sparks the flame hidden in others. Be prepared as you may encounter new projects and ideas. Ideas that you thought were lacking actually may become more than what you thought.

Now, that you have mastered connecting to self and power you must connect with earth. Show your love, understanding while you become mindful of all there is. When you become one with the earth you receive love, protection and healing. Earth loves you. And it’s up to you to love her right back.

* Connect & Trust your inner voice

*accept and acknowledge your feelings, the pain, stress, and suffering know that it will pass or has passed.

* You are the master of yourself

* Fire and strength forms your power. Sparking inspiration to others.

* Become one (ground) with the earth for healing, protection and love. Return the favor

Sound Mind


When you are having a hard time in a world that seems to be filled with so much chaos. Take the time to settle the heart and mind with what is natural and pure. There you will find an offering of peace and sound mind ~ A.S.

Beings of Light

Light Play ~ Evolution

All forms and evolutions of life may be the expression of light trying to survive against decay. The light is the true self. The human, is a material thing that channels light to stay alive. Consuming other objects helps fuel the process of change. – Play – or having fun, is another way we repel decay, flowing with the process of change. As one thing decays or ‘is no longer fun’ we find something new that ‘is fun.’ Super Mario jumps from one block to the next as they fall from under his feet. Each block is a transient thing. The process of change itself is life. Light is the true eternal. The one thing we can receive that does not change. Love. Light is the expression of love in a material Universe.

Humans are like ‘fungus,’ strange beings that share light energy with each other to survive, in a world that…

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